Barriers, Bollards and Turnstiles


An ideal way of controlling access to roadways

If you want a way of safe and fast and controlling the flow of traffic, we can supply and install barriers for you. Your barrier can be operated via a wide range of accessories such as radio transmitters, card access, intercoms, or simple push button.

All our barriers have safety features for automatic operation such as photocell or ground loop detectors, insuring that the barrier boom does not close on a vehicle.

Keeping the flow of people under your control

Turnstiles are a practical solution to control entry to stadia, leisure, or industrial locations. We can supply you with full or half height turnstiles, depending on your security requirements and environment. We can install turnstiles for you internally or externally. A full design service is available to help you get the perfect turnstile for your needs. Designs range from practical external full height, to elegant internal gate types.

Bollarding Solutions

If you're looking for an extremely secure option to control access to your road then make sure you call Securequip Ltd today! Bollards can effectively secure an area of your premises and stop cars driving down restricted zones. Bollards can be used on their own or in conjunction with swing gate systems. So if you're looking to protect your premises then make sure you call Securequip Ltd today!