Entry Systems



Top quality card entry systems

When you need to control the access to doors on your property, a card access system is what you've been looking for. From a single door up to hundreds of doors, for thousands of users, from barriers to gates to turnstiles - our card access systems will ensure that only authorised personnel will gain access.

Options range from keypads to proximity cards and fob readers that go through to specialist PC software. This enables card holders access to specific areas at pre-defined periods. You can also get proximity readers that can be concealed behind facia, panelling, or brickwork for the ultimate in aesthetics. We have a full system design service available to help you get the perfect solution for your property.

Intercoms and door entry systems to keep you safe

We have audio and video intercoms to ensure only people you know are granted entry to your property. Integrated with automatic gates, barriers and controlled doors, the intercoms are activated by simple push button. A telephone handset located inside the building, will enable you to activate the lock remotely.

For apartment or multiple user sites, cable free systems are reliable and cost effective. Connected via the public telephone network, the system uses a standard telephone and allows the occupant complete versatility with a number of programmable commands.

New GSM intercoms also allow top quality wireless intercom systems for domestic applications.


Domestic CCTV solutions

We can also provide CCTV solutions for your home giving you extra security at home. Our cameras can be used around the home or to monitor your driveway, the footage can then be viewed on the television or iPad.

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